Main Themes
- Issues affectiing FMD control in FMD free regions
- Science contributing to the roll-out of progressive control of FMD
Jerez, 29-31 October 2012
The EuFMD and the FMD - Progressive Control Pathway


The Open Session is held every two years and has become the largest technical and scientific meeting on FMD to be held on a regular basis, with over 200 participants at the most recent Sessions (2010 in Vienna, 2008 in Erice, Sicily). The 2012 Open Session will be held in the unique setting of Museos de la Atalaya in Jerez de la Frontera, Southern Andalucia, Spain.

So much science in such a historic and informal setting -  this one will be special!

The 2012 Open Session has two parts, an Open Session of the Standing Technical Committee – to consider invited papers on topics of high importance for FMD control policy in free countries – and a Open Session of the Special Committee on Research which welcomes submitted papers relevant to progressive FMD control in endemic and at risk regions. Observers working in any area of FMD science or FMD management are welcome to attend.

Over 200 participants, 60 offered papers on FMD epidemiology, vaccines and control, and 17 Keynote talks, poster sessions and debates:all on the science underpinning progressive FMD control.

Join us!


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